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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Docklands Academy, London is a private college based in London. The Tuition Fees set out in the Prospectus include our core education costs incurred in the United Kingdom, such as the cost of providing and maintaining teaching facilities, and the cost of supplying teaching services such as teachers, administrative staff and facilities including libraries, teaching aids, internet and intranet services. When accepting an Offer of a place of study at Docklands Academy, London, a prospective student is required to pay the full amount of the Tuition Fee as set out in the Prospectus. Prospective students must deposit with their consultant Bank or Demand Drafts – Tuition Fee payable to “Simply Alliance LTD”. Students may also pay by credit or debit card, cheque or cash.

Payment of Tuition Fees – Prospective Students
Students are required to pay Tuition Fees by Bankers/Demand Drafts. The Draft will be held by your consultant on trust until the visa to study at DAL is issued. Do not make the drafts payable to any person or body other than “Simply Alliance LTD”. Do NOT make payments in respect of your Tuition Fees in cash or by personal cheque and do NOT send any form of payment by post. Any additional costs incurred as a result of bank draft expiry, incorrect payment of Tuition Fees or the imposition of banking or other incidental charges will be borne by the prospective student.

Refund of Tuition Fees
Fees may be refunded if a prospective student fails to obtain a visa to study at Docklands Academy, London and scanned copies of the Refusal Letter and Passport are sent by the student or his/her consultant to DAL for verification. The student must also return all original documentation issued by DAL including all Offer Letters. DAL requires a minimum period of 42 days to process and make authorised refunds. DAL is not liable for any monetary loss suffered due to currency fluctuations or bank charges incurred. Fees may be refunded at the discretion of the Directors – whose decision is final and not subject to appeal – where there are strong compassionate or health grounds. Only the fee element payable to DAL can be subject to refund less an amount attributable to the time spent by the student at DAL, or an administrative charge of £300 for Higher Education and £50 for English Courses.

Fees will NOT be refunded:

  1. If the student obtains a visa to study at DAL but chooses not to take up the offer of admission.
  2.  If the student obtains a visa to study at DAL, enters the UK, is inducted into DAL, enrols on the chosen course of study and discontinues the course and leaves Docklands Academy, London
  3.  If the student is removed from DAL because of non compliance with DAL Attendance Policy or serious misconduct

Registration and Examination Fees of Awarding Bodies

DAL is a Teaching Provider. We do not award our own Qualifications. We have entered into Accreditation Agreements with Awarding Organisations specified in the Prospectus and Website, to enable us to teach their authorised courses and to enable our students to sit their examinations and be eligible for the award of their Certificates and Diplomas. Our Tuition Fees are charged in respect of our role as Teaching Provider. All students must be registered with the Awarding organisation responsible for their chosen course of study following Registration and Enrolment at DAL. Awarding organisation registration, assessment, certification and examination fee is not included in tuition fee, which has to be paid by the students. These fees are subject to change.  DAL staff will register you with the correct Awarding organisation once you have made the correct payment for your studies and the registration fee.

Course Deferral

DAL does not allow Course Deferral unless there are strong compassionate grounds which may be considered by the Principal whose decision will be final and not subject to any appeal.

Change of Course

DAL will consider all reasonable requests by students to change their chosen course of study, PROVIDED that the request is made before, or at any time within, the first four (4) weeks following the Course Commencement Date. Any decision is entirely at the discretion of the Principal, is not subject to any appeal and is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The new course must be at the equivalent or higher NQF level
  2. The student must meet the new course entry requirements
  3. The student must pay any additional fee due in respect of the new course
  4. If the new course is charged at a lower fee, no refund will be made by Docklands Academy, London

Change of Education Provider

DAL does not authorise students to change Education Provider. UKVI conditions apply and reference should be made to the UKVI website at

Change of Circumstances

Students should inform the college immediately if their circumstances change. Please refer to for more information. You can also ask staff at the Academy for more information.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all the hours of their course, and record their attendance by touching their finger on the finger ID machine. The attendance data is processed by the central server and absences are reported to the Principal.

Non Attendees

  1. If a student fails to attend 4 expected contacts, a verbal/email first reminder is given.
  2. If a student fails to attend 6 expected contacts (despite the verbal/email reminder), a second, written reminder is given.
  3. If the student does not respond to the written reminder and continues to be absent for the next 4 expected contacts a suspension letter will be sent and the student will be removed from the Academy  roll.

Poor Attendees

  1.  If a student fails to attend 4 expected contacts, a verbal/email reminder is given.
  1. If the student resumes studies, then there will be no further action
  2. If the students fails to attend 4 consecutive expected contacts once again, then a further verbal/email reminder is given
  3. If the student resumes studies, then no further action will be taken. If a student fails to attend 4 expected contacts again, then a further verbal/email reminder is given and the student is invited to attend an “Attendance Review Meeting”

Tuition Fees: Instalment options

Instalment plans may be available on request. IN cases where this is granted, students are required to sign an Agreed Payment Plan. Payments must be made as agreed. Failure to honour the terms of the plan, can lead to suspension and eventual removal from DAL, and the appointment of debt collectors to recover sums owed and the referral of defaulters to consumer credit agencies.

Visa extensions

We are not authorised Immigration Advisors and cannot make applications for visa extensions on behalf of students; although, designated members of staff can provide information regarding the Visa Application process.

Registration Induction and Enrolment

When students arrive in the United Kingdom they must register with DAL as soon as possible. Staff will input personal information into our electronic database in order to produce the necessary Support Letters for students. It is essential that students supply correct and up-to-date information regarding their current address, email and mobile phone number and keep staff updated about any change. Students will be advised of their Induction date, which they must attend in order to receive their Support Letters and Documentation, Student Identity Card and Enrolment Letters.

Zero Tolerance of abuse

DAL adopts a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse of DAL’s staff, students, resources and damage to DAL’s property including unauthorised removal of books and learning resource materials, misuse of computers and internet facilities.  Breaches of this policy can lead to suspension and removal from DAL.

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