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Student Testimonials

Every single lesson has always been fun and exciting, all the teachers push you to improve with interesting material; they change so you are able to learn from different styles and accents.

There are no boring lessons at Docklands. I will definitely come back for my next holidays.


Tevin Vijent Ozlem Yavuz

For me Docklands Academy is a perfect place in London to study English.

The area is very calm and relaxing and you are free to use all the facilities after they close.

All the teachers are native speakers and they are always happy to attend to your  personal difficulties and prepare extra materials if requested as the groups are really small.

The staff is really friendly and always smiling.


Maikel Monk

I have really enjoyed my time in Docklands Academy, London.
For me being in a small group has been essential as I have been able to practice my speaking and grammar every single exercise during the lessons.

The classrooms are really modern and clean and you are free to use the computers and Wi-Fi.
The welfare services were so helpful dealing with all my requests and questions so I will really recommend the school to all my friends and come back next summer.


Marc Puigdemasa

I feel that my English has really improved after my course.
The teachers are really kind and motivating so you always want to try and participate even when you are not very sure about your answers.
I have met so many people during my days here and I have learned lots of things about different cultures.

The cafeteria is a nice place to practice after your lesson or during the break.
It has been very productive for me and now I feel much more confident about my English skills.

Merve Nihan Kahveci