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Pre-Master’s in Business (PMB)

The Pre-Master’s in Business is designed to enable you to quickly bridge the gap between your existing qualifications and a Master’s qualification.

You will upgrade your English language ability to a level suitable for Master’s entrance, while also being introduced to studying business subjects through the medium of English.

If you hold a non-honours degree or Chinese Da Zhuan (or equivalent) you can enter the Pre-Master’s in Business directly. If you hold a full honours degree you can take a shorter version of the qualification. To find out more about this shorter version please contact your Accredited Partner Centre.

If you are a potential student whose first language is not English, you will need to obtain a valid score of 5.0 or above in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination or equivalent. If you hold a higher IELTS score you may also be eligible for exemptions from certain units, meaning you can complete the qualification more quickly. Alternatively, take the free NCC Education standard English Placement Test which is administered by our Accredited Partner Centres.

The Pre-Master’s in Business is a one year full-time qualification, which can also be studied part-time over two or three years. The qualification is structured into three terms, taught over a total of 32 teaching weeks, with additional time available at the end of each term for assessment. You must pass each of the following units in order to be awarded with a Pre-Master’s in Business certificate.

Module Code Module Title Credits
English Language Level 4
English Language Level 5
English for Academic Purposes 1 and 2
Developing Study Skills for Postgraduate Learning
Finance and Accounting
Global Marketing Strategies
Strategic Business Management
Optional Module: Introduction to IELTS
Total credits:

This qualification is assessed by assignment and examination. For Assessment dates contact:

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