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Foundation Course in Business and Management

Title: International Foundation Year Diploma
Level: QCF Level 3
Duration: One year
Number of study hours: up to 25 hours per week
Mode of Study: Full time
Class size: min 8 – max 15

International Foundation Year (IFY) programme is a bridging course designed for international students who want to study Business and Management related studies for an undergraduate degree at a UK University.

A distinguishing feature of the programme is that language teaching and learning is directly linked to the material covered in academic subjects, so that students learn to understand and use the language required for the subjects they intend to study at university.

The aims and objectives of this course are:

  1. Enhancing your English language skills
  2. Immersing you into an environment similar to what you will experience on your future degree programme.
  3. Developing your subject knowledge in key areas of Business studies.
  4. Encouraging you to be an independent learner-which is the key to success on your University degree.
  5. Helping you obtain a place at a UK University.

To complete the programme, students must study and pass all the 9 modules.

The full list of modules is as follows:

Module Code Module Title Credits
M3001 Developing English Language Skills 30
M3002 Advanced English Language Skills 20
M3003 English for Academic Purposes 10
M3004 Study and Communication Skills 20
M3005 Culture Studies 10
M3006 Foundation Mathematics 10
M3007BM Introduction to Business 10
M3008BM Accounting and Economics 10
Total credits:

For 2016 there will be three intake dates for the University Foundation Year:

January (2 term course)

Course Start date: 11th January 2016

Course End date: 22nd April 2016

Entry requirements:

  1. IELTS with an overall score of 5.5
  2. Minimum of 80% in Maths and 60% in the remaining subjects of the higher secondary school certificate


May (4 term course)

Course Start date: 16th May 2016

Course End date: 26th August 2016

Entry requirements:

  1. IELTS with a minimum of 4.0 in all the subsections
  2. Minimum of 60% in all subjects of the higher secondary school certificate


September (3 term course-1 academic year)

Course Start date: 26th September 2016

Course End date: 16th December 2016

Entry requirements:

  1. IELTS with a minimum of 4.5 in Writing and Reading & 4.0 in Listening and Speaking
  2. Minimum of 60% in all subjects of the higher secondary school certificate


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